Denmark, Rise, New Old Wall

Denmark builds a superhighway…to a greener future

Yes! If only Canada was so forward thinking. I’m so sick of being honked at, yelled at and even had litter hurled at me while I try to cycle precariously on the edge of the asphalt without falling into the ditch! I used to ride (according to Yahoo maps) 15km each way to work.

“The cycle superhighway [so far 11 km], which opened in April, is the first of 26 routes scheduled to be built to encourage more people to commute to and from Copenhagen by bicycle. More bike path than the Interstate its name suggests, it is the brainchild of city planners who were looking for ways to increase bicycle use in a place where half of the residents already bike to work or to school every day.

‘We are very good, but we want to be better,’ said Brian Hansen, the head of Copenhagen’s traffic planning section.”

>> Brian Hansen, have I told you I love you?


Well, who knew movie reviewing wasn’t the safest occupation of them all? Seems tearing at the edges of a summer blockbuster’s hype can land you death threats. Critic poo-poos Dark Knight get rotten tomatoes thrown at them.

I personally don’t put much stock in reviews. It’s all up to personal preference. I do want to see this movie, though I know it must be difficult The Dark Knight – which was excellent. At first glance Bane disappoints… Heath Ledger’s joker made me cringe more.

  A wall to divide all nations..
at least the ones that are skeptical of Chinese claims

For those of you who haven’t heard China’s previous claims such as ‘we invented golf’ and ‘we taught Italians how to make pizza’, thismay come as a surprise.

“In early June, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage announced that it now believes the Great Wall is a stunning 21,196 kilometres long, if you put all of the discovered portions end to end. That’s more than half the circumference of the globe, four times the span of the United States coast to coast and nearly two-and-a-half times the estimated length in a preliminary report released in 2009, two years into a project that saw the Chinese measure it for the first time.”

Oh China, you really must get over your preoccupation with size.. and length.. and circumference. : /
It is very telling you know.

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