$25 for nothing

Shamelessly trying to make money, this is my referral if you decide to sign up with ING, my bank of choice.
No fees, no minimum balance, high interest calculated daily (paid monthly), competitive GICs, andddd the icing on the cake?

They are rolling out the new ‘Thrive’ Chequing account which will make them even more convenient to use – hooked up with a network of atms you can use for free and cheques.


The only catch is you have to deposit at least $100 to receive the 25 dollars using this referral. Still, that’s 25% interest on $100 and if you are unhappy with them you can close our account after and keep the 25 dollars.

It’s definitely worth a try.

PS. I hate banks but I particularly hate CIBC. I hope ING will continue to make me smile when I check on my accounts with them. ā™„ Ten years and counting!

1 Response to $25 for nothing

  1. Very nice post, good luck! šŸ˜‰

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