About Yolanda Lenin

I like to complain – a lot. It’s a full time job.

Nitpicking, criticizing, scrutinizing.. I especially like debating. Hard to debate on a blog platform.. that.. no one reads. But still, one of my favourite pastimes.

My feeling is that there are a lot of things/people/places/everyday occurrences that are wrong. Fundementally wrong,    Complex wrongities..    some are all out wrong on every level.

Where do I come in? Rather than turn a blind eye and live in my fantasy land filled with cotton candy and unicorns I peek out of the misty clouds that surround my princess style castle to tell those wrongs ‘YOU’RE WRONG!!’ and grade them accordingly.

So join me! Point out what’s wrong in the world .. maybe give some recommendations. This place needs all the help it can get! You’ve already proven you don’t follow the old ‘ostrich in the sand’ method so.. go a step further and improve your everything!


Wanted: Someone with a positive outlook (or at least more positive than me, which isn’t asking much) who can make suggestions to Yolanda to her otherwise endless unsolvable problems.

Contract Period: Depends on suitability and proximity

Compensation: Negotiable

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