Q: why do you insist on copying and pasting whole articles from outside sources (typically the Toronto Star) onto your blog??

A: For a couple of reasons. One is so I can easily comment directly on the portions that probably spurred me on to writing about the rag in the first place. And the other is sort of a hearsay protection thing I’ve come to realize IS necessary.

You see, everyday millions of articles are posted on the net. And the flip side of that is – millions are also taken down or altered.. at any second. I saw this first hand after one blog entry.. in 2008 I believe it was. I had written about something.. and the obvious moral bias.. and guess what? It was no where to be found by the end of the week. So, now I keep rough log of which articles I chose to make fun of … and show their words (not always but I try to post). And label my text (within the article it is usually coloured purple) and precede it with >> .

But.. I think my comments usually stand out in sharp contrast to the actual written article.

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